Rodney Loone

Rodney Loone


Rodney is a Chartered Accountant who started working before computers were part of everyday work life!

He has had a long and successful career in Tasmania, and has been in a Partner or Managing Partner role since 1983.

His interest areas, extensive expertise and experience involve most commercial business sectors and advisory areas. Examples include valuations, buying and selling businesses, strategic planning, business and estate planning, general financial business and taxation advice.  

Rodney's client experiences are diverse and range from small family businesses to larger, significant local Tasmanian businesses. He particularly enjoys assisting and advising family business transitions across generations, business start ups and development. Industries he has worked closely with are retail, tourism and hospitality, forestry, farming, professional services, manufacturing and many others.

Rodney enjoys assisting clients and the ALA team on specialty projects.

In his spare time he enjoys travelling, fishing, golf and fits in as much living as possible.